Line Stop Fittings

Uni-Forge line stop fittings are the ideal solution when your operations call for the stoppage of pipeline medium during temporary line operations

Full and Partial Reinforcing Saddles

Uni-Forge full-encirclement and partial reinforcing saddles strengthen branch outlets to the standards of ASME B31

Pipeline Repair Clamps

Our pipeline repair clamp is an economical, bolt-on solution to support both temporary and permanent repairs to damaged/leaking pipelines

Reinforcing Sleeves

At Uni-forge, we manufacture and supply reinforcing sleeves to repair or strengthen pipelines that have been damaged or suffered internal/external corrosion

Hot Tap Fittings

Uni-Forge’s high quality hot tap fittings: full branch split tees designed for tie-ins, lateral connections and line extensions with permanent full bore valve without the need for a shutdown

Special Fittings

We design and manufacture three-way fittings, angle fittings and other customised options to meet your project-specific requirements

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